Commercial Electrical

Commercial electrical service

From new builds to renos to design build we can cater to every aspect in the commercial sector.  Please see our projects page for recent and past projects.

Industrial Electrical

PLC programmable Logic Controller

 At St. Andrew's Electrical  we are involved in a wide variety of industrial applications.  From plant PLC upgrades to fiber optics to motor controls.  Our focus is maintaining plant production with limited downtimes and increased efficiency. 

Industrial/Commercial Maintenance

Lighting Upgrade

 St. Andrew’s Electrical provides 24/7 electrical service and maintenance for your commercial, industrial and retail electrical systems for optimum efficiency. Regular checks and timely repairs prevent sudden outages, huge replacement costs and serious accidents in your workplace. Our technicians are among the most qualified in the industry. We’ve helped businesses increase efficiency and improve their bottom line.  Please contact us for our maintenance contracts and rates. 

LED Lighting Upgrades

LED Lighting

We offer a wide variety of LED lighting upgrades.  We utilize the Power Incentive Program to provide rebates to our customers for upgrading their existing lighting to new LED lighting.  These upgrades save on electricity costs, maintenance and increase lighting quality.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging

 Infrared thermographic imaging from St. Andrews Electrical will help assist in the prevention of equipment failures and save on emergency repairs. Our diagnostic technology immediately identifies the slightest temperature increase in your electrical system. Detailed reports with images, temperature readings, amperages and accurate analysis of our thermal scanning will identify areas for preventative maintenance so that you can schedule immediate repairs. The use of non-invasive technology will reduce your downtime as well.  

Electric Car Plugs

Electric Car Charging Station

Electric Vehicles are becoming very popular.  We are seeing in influx of charging stations being installed everywhere.  These charging stations are going to be a staple for anywhere you go in the future.  We specialize in installing all types of electric vehicle charging stations.